Industry and Expertise

  • Non-Profit

Your mission is critical and we will help you achieve it.
We are aware of the many challenges your organization faces on a day-to-day basis. To achieve your mission it is vital that you are able to secure funding by demonstrating valuable program outcomes to your stakeholders as well as to improve operating efficiencies while ensuring compliance with financial and regulatory requirements.

Maintaining consistent accounting records is a fundamental step to ensuring best independent audit reports. Good reports are not always achievable, when there is a high turnover among the employees in the accounting department.

RLAS has developed customized services that will allow you to completely outsource your accounting tasks. While your accounting function and accounting records will still be maintained at your organization, our professionals will carry out the services at your location on a scheduled basis, which is agreed upon and tailored to your specific needs.

By outsourcing your accounting process we believe you will obtain:

  • Professional expertise to ensure your organization’s compliance with financial and regulatory requirements
  • Maintenance of accounting records, which will be readily available to ensure your annual audit is flawless and cost effective, as expected by your stakeholders.
  • Certified and bonded professionals to guarantee accuracy of your transactions. Hiring a contract accountant will greatly reduce your regulatory employment requirements
  • Assistance in creating and tracking your annual budgets in a way that is meaningful to help achieve your mission as well as to assure and improve operating efficiencies.

Most important, you need an accounting company that believes in your mission and understands your unique requirements.

RLAS serves a range of non-profit organizations in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Please contact us at or on telephone number (202) 780-9993. We are happy to provide you reference contact with organizations with which we have built a strong long-term relationship.

Among more general bookkeeping and accounting services offered by RL Accounting Services, these are tailored to the non-profit sector:

  • Registration support for your annual or periodic events. Implementing web registration for participants, enabling credit cards payments that are tracked on the accounting software. Onsite registration support.
  • Membership database
  • Tracking of staff hours spent working on different grants. In-house developed database allows us to track employees hours spent on different grants. This is a “must” feature if your organization needs to track employee time spent on grants.   
  • Support completing federal grant applications
  • Establish internal control procedures as well as providing necessary accounting forms and templates.
  • Grant tracking
  • Expertise in preparation of records for OMB A-133 audits
  • Recreation of accounting records in preparation of independent audits
  • Accounting staff training
  • Fixed asset tracking and depreciation calculation
  • Filing of form 990

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  • Small Business

Sometimes it might seem overwhelming and frustrating to keep track of your business’ finances while trying to be competitive and profitable. Our services will help your business achieve two basic goals:

  • Keep track of your income and expenses in order to improve your chances of making a profit
  • Collect and organize the financial information necessary to file various tax returns

Services for Small business:

  • Bank Reconciliation. While performing bank reconciliations we will ensure that you are keeping sufficient records for payments made, conforming to IRS guidance, as well as adequate records of payment received. We will provide training on how to maintain receipts and on what is considered adequate by IRS standards.
  • Implementing Accounting software. Correctly posting the various transactions on the general ledger is fundamental to creating meaningful financial reports as well as stream lining the filing of various tax returns. We can help you identify the best accounting software for your business and create a tailored chart of accounts.

We offer hands-on training if you want to do the posting yourself. But if you prefer to outsource the entire process to us we would provide full service accounts payable and receivable services as well as payroll support.

  • Financial Reporting. Knowing whether you had a profit or a loss is fundamental for your business. We create income statements, balance sheet and cash flows necessary for your business financial planning.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at or on telephone number (202) 780-9993 for a free quote.




  • Outsourcing For Accounting Firms

We provide affordable hourly rate data entry services as well as other accounting functions services for accounting firms. From A/P and A/R clerks to work papers preparation.

For more info contact us at or on telephone number (202) 780-9993 for a free quote.